Ari M. Weinstein Ari M. Weinstein


Introducing: LoopMi™

LoopMi is a short "mini" loop of 3/8" (9.525mm) flat nylon webbing with a metal adjustment slider and a locking slider. The LoopMi Click adds a quick release locking buckle. The LoopMi is made using 15" (38.1cm) of webbing, resulting in an adjustable loop approximately 10" (25.4cm) in circumference.

The purpose of the LoopMi is to provide a simple, secure attachment system for equipment and accessories that are compatible with 3/8" nylon straps. Straps of this type are widely used with photo, video and optical equipment - but not everyone uses them. LoopMi lets you carry items meant to attach to these straps even if you're using something else like a harness or heavy duty belt for your equipment.

Why I Created LoopMi

Cameras, binoculars and many accessories have attachment points (sometimes called "strap lugs") designed for 3/8" nylon web carrying straps. Neck and shoulder straps included by manufacturers are usually made with this type of webbing. I noticed that many of accessories meant to attach to my camera strap would not fit on other carrying systems such as harnesses that lack 3/8" webbing. Using my original camera strap was impractical for carrying accessories alone due to its length and the unnecessary neck padding. Nor could I find compatible pre-made accessory loops in stores or online. What I needed was a short length of 3/8” webbing - a mini loop - and a means of attaching it to any type of camera carrying system and to other items in my photographer’s kit. Thus the LoopMi was born.

LoopMi is Simple Yet Feature Packed!

  • LoopMi is made with flat 3/8" nylon webbing that’s widely compatible with photo, video and optical equipment and accessories. The flat webbing doesn't tangle or snag
  • Neither end of the LoopMi is sewn, so hardware can be easily added, removed or replaced
  • The ends of the LoopMi can be freed and threaded through hardware and accessory attachment points, even when those openings are cramped or difficult to reach
  • The LoopMi features a polished metal slide for easy adjustments
  • LoopMi Click includes a side-release buckle to quickly attach and detach it from bags, clothing and equipment. Multiple LoopMi Clicks can be connected to form a larger LoopMi

There are many uses for LoopMi!

  • Attach 3/8" compatible accessories like viewfinder covers and IR remotes to a camera, regardless of the carrying system being used
  • Use LoopMi as a secondary wrist loop or short carry strap on the camera’s tripod plate
  • Gather and connect tools or pieces of gear by putting a LoopMi through them
  • Wrap a LoopMi Click around cables or other accessories to keep them organized
  • Use a LoopMi around a purse or bag shoulder strap to attach items that need to be secured
  • Put LoopMi on a belt and clip on a carabiner to carry equipment or keys